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    What if I get sick in Israel? Do I need to have Health Insurance? What about Travel Insurance?
    Birthright Israel Excel will provide medical insurance which covers most medical concerns throughout your participation on the program. It will not cover pre-existing conditions and will only be effective with proof of coverage from your local medical insurance. If you are not insured on your own (or if your your local insurance policy does not cover you in Israel), then you need to arrange for an insurance policy that is valid in Israel. In addition, you may want to purchase travel insurance that covers the following:

    • Insurance in case your connecting flight is delayed or canceled
    • Insurance in case you need to cancel the trip due to a family medical emergency
    • Insurance in case your baggage is lost, damaged, or stolen
    • Insurance in case of stolen or lost personal property, including personal computers - such insurance should cover loss that occurs on properties not rented by participant directly.
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