The Excel Ventures Program

    The Excel Ventures Program

    The Excel Ventures Program is an intensive 10-week technological venture creation program meant for aspiring entrepreneurs from leading academic institutions in North America, or recent graduates thereof, and promising young Israelis.

    The program provides 20 outstanding Jewish Americans and Israelis with demonstrated entrepreneurial potential and leadership skills with an intensive summer experience in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is designed to effectively empower the next generation of business leaders & entrepreneurs. The teams formed within the program engage in a fast-paced venture creation process, leveraging Excel’s vast network of industry leaders as they work to create innovative start-ups.

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    Click here for a detailed program structure (summer 2016) 



    Our Mission

    Empower the next generation of Jewish entrepreneurs and foster a network of outstanding individuals while creating meaningful and fruitful connections between them and the State of Israel. By the end of the summer, participants of the Excel Ventures Program will be prepared to lead entrepreneurial careers in an increasingly globalized high-tech ecosystem. Participants will gain extensive practical experience focused on creating a real venture. In addition, during the program participants will have dozens of opportunities to expand their business networks, working side by side with Israel’s leading hi-tech figures as well as to forge potential commercial partnerships.



    The Value Proposition


      •   A 10-week noise free environment to focus solely on venture creation.
      •   Gaining practical experience in creating a venture while being mentored throughout the process by
          industry leaders such as established entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capital partners and more.
      •   Obtaining a deep understanding of entrepreneurship through 'doing' rather than just 'learning'
          about start-ups.
      •   Exposure to a community of highly motivated and talented individuals both from North America and Israel
      whom they will be working during the summer.
      •   An opportunity to network with leading hi-tech individuals in the Israeli ecosystem. Throughout the
           summer over 100 individuals interact with the program teams in office hours, talks, mentorship and panel
      •   A service package provided by Excel Ventures Program collaborators (technology reviews, strategy
          consulting, legal advice, hosting services and more).
      •   Joining the prominent alumni network comprised of over 400 business professionals holding key positions
          in the largest multinational corporations.
      •  Experiencing Israel on a deep level with educational lectures and trips.

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      Participants & Eligibility

      Excel Ventures is a demanding summer program. We are seeking individuals who are willing to work hard and long hours to create impactful ventures.  This year, 20 participants will be accepted (10 American and 10 Israeli) all with high entrepreneurial intent, highly developed skills (in technology / product / business / marketing / design) and proven ability to work in teams. Candidates should be hard-working, adaptable and driven. Academic background with coursework in computer science, engineering finance or economics is favorable.

      North America – Seniors and recent graduates (1-3 years).

      Israel - Aspiring entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

      Click here for detailed program structure.

      Note: The program requires a full-time commitment from May 29th until August 4th, therefore Israeli students and/or soldiers in active duty with day-time obligations are unlikely to be eligible.