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Israel Experience® Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Ferenczi Zita

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Israel Experience® in partnership with JAFI (Jewish Agency)
Get more with Israel Experience: More adventure. More spirituality. More time with Israelis (they're with you for all 10 days instead of the usual five). More connectivity through our WIFI buses. More real Israel.
With Israel Experience, you will have a great experience. You'll hop on a camel and lead it through the desert, push your way through a crowded outdoor market and taste the sweetest pastry your mouth never knew existed and discover your history in Israel's ancient stones. Best of all, you will discover the closest friends you will ever come to know as you talk through the night along the Mediterranean and who knows, you might even discover parts of yourself you never even knew were there….
So get ready and be prepared for the most intense and exciting trip of your life.  You'll get nothing less than the whole Israel Experience. 
In our trip you will be with people from all over Central Europe and together you will experience a lifetime experience.  
"It was the best 10 days of my life! I met so many new friends! "Andras- Hungary