Accessibility/Special Needs Programs

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Birthright Israel believes that it is the birth right of every Jewish person to visit Israel.

There may be opportunities to integrate individuals with medical or accessibility/special needs onto our programs where possible, sometimes with the assistance of an aide if necessary. Your Trip Organizer will be able to tell you if these options are available to you. All of your medical and accessibility/special needs should be discussed thoroughly with your Trip Organizer prior to accepting a trip. Your Trip Organizer will be able to provide you with information regarding their trip itineraries and whom they are best suited to.

Special Trips
Additionally, in order to accommodate those with physical or developmental disabilities, we offer a number of specially designed trips each season that accommodate individuals with special needs. Not all programs are offered in every round of trips. These include but are not limited to: Trips for those with developmental challenges, physical challenges, ASL trips, various medical challenges, etc. The table below represents the accessibility/special needs programs being offered during the current season from the country you selected.

If the table appears empty, there are no accessibility/special needs programs available from the country you selected.

To learn more about a specific trip, scroll over the trip name, where a description is available in a pop-up format. 

In order to register for a specific trip, click on the name of the Trip Organizer and you will be taken directly to the registration page.

You can view the other options from a different country by clicking ​HERE.​​